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UPS extremely confident in next release, beta pre-workout teased as better than 1,3

UPS confidently teasing their upcoming pre-workout

The teaser image above may not be as exciting as what we’re used to seeing from brands talking about something big on the way. Regardless, UPS have dropped word on the coming of a new pre-workout adding to their already well packed line up. At the moment the Australian based brand have Warrior fighting for them in the competitive category, which may or may not be replaced by what UPS have coming. All we know about the new supplement is that it is a pre-workout, and that will be launching in the brand’s area very soon. To get some attention UPS have made the statement ‘lets just say 1.3 has nothing on this’, which we don’t mind brands firmly believing in what they sell. That line however had us more concerned in their confidence than interested, especially since UPS are slightly limited by their local regulations. The boasting brand have not set a date or given any idea on release. But definitely count on seeing them make a big deal out of this one as it seems we’re only at the beta stage, and UPS are already quite excited.

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