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Animal Pak preview 2 for the Olympia, exclusive tee & hat likely to be joined by more

Animal Pak show off two of their Olympia exclusive limited edition items

Animal Pak have previewed two of their exclusive limited edition items that are going to be on sale this weekend at the Olympia Expo. The first is a white iconic tee, featuring the the brand’s logo on the back, and another classic text logo Animal graphic on the front, both printed in red. The second of the two previewed is a hat, which has been shown off in a black and white image, presumed to be the colors used for the hat. Based on the picture the piece looks to have a black cap, white bill, and embroidered Animal Pak iconic graphic on the front also presumed to be white. For now the brand have only revealed the tee and hat, but said they are just ‘two of the limited edition items that will be available at the Animal booth’. With that in mind we’re probably actually in for more than two limited editions, possibly another shirt much like we saw last year with the 2014 Olympia dates and location printed on it.

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