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Olympia exclusive tees available online, Animal follow up 30 years piece with a 2nd mug

Animal Pak never back down mug released for the same price as their 30 years mug

Following on from their “30 Years of Power” mug that was released last year in celebration of them being in the game for 30 years. Animal Pak have put together another mug, wrapped in another one of their classic graphics and printed with one of their well known quotes. The brand’s new 20oz mug features black text on a white cup, with it’s individual iconic image blended into the background. Inside the mug is where Animal have put their quote with “Never Back Down” in white on black. The brand’s new mug has gone on sale for the same price as the 30 years original at $13.95, direct from Animal’s website. While you’re at the brand’s official store you might also want to check out their tees, as both of their Olympia exclusive shirts are now available. The two iconic tops red on white and gray on black, have been valued at $17.95, and at the moment are both in stock with six sizes small to XXXL.

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