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Animal Pak introduce their new big name, Jason ‘Huge’ Huh takes over Evan Centopani

Jason 'Huge' Huh the newest member of the Animal Pak team

With news of Evan ‘Ox’ Centopani moving on from Animal Pak likely still hitting loyal fans around the world. The iconic bodybuilding supplement company have found a replacement. While the newest addition to the Animal team isn’t likely to fill the giant hole left behind by Centopani and his seven years with the brand, Jason ‘Huge’ Huh plans to do his best. Animal Pak have just announced the athlete introducing him with a 69 second video, in the classic hardcore grudge style we’re used to seeing from the brand. For those that haven’t heard of Huh before, he’s no rookie. Off season the IFBB bodybuilder lives up to his nickname sitting at around 300lbs. Since his win in 2010 earning him his Pro Card, Jason Huh has competed in a handful of contests over the years, taking numerous top 10 finishes. Animal are already promising more from their latest addition to the team, which he will need to do whether it be videos or posts to get that connection Evan had with the fans.

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