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Flavored reformulation Dilate goes on sale, latest from ANS launched at

ANS Performance launch their pump pre-workout at

ANS Performance’s latest and greatest has officially gone on sale, following the brand’s unbeatable direct pre-sale. For those that missed the introductory Dilate deal, the supplement was made available for an even $30, getting you not only a full 30 serving tub of the product. But also a full size tub of ANS’s pre-workout Ritual, and a 10 serving trial size of our top flavored thermogenic Diablo. Unfortunately that ship has of course sailed, leaving you with the regular price of the dedicated pump pre-workout. As for the official price of Dilate, basically the brand’s flavored reformulation has been valued exactly the same as the online ANS pre-sale, without the freebies. The first place to show up with the formula is none other than, who have launched Dilate for $28.99. If the price is a bit high for something you’ve never had and our review doesn’t quite sell it. The store do also have an exclusive trial size tub with five servings, instead of the usual 30 for $6.99. Both volumes are grape blast flavored and now available for purchase from, with other locations likely to follow soon.

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