Continue reading Stack3d with yet another Optimum exclusive, mint chocolate chip makes it 10 for Gold Standard 100% Casein get another Optimum exclusive with mint chocolate chip 100% Casein’s frequency of exclusive supplements appears to becoming almost a weekly thing, with the latest being yet another one from the makers of Gold Standard 100% Whey. Joining the online store’s other Optimum Nutrition special editions, strawberry lime AmiN.O. Energy and peach mango Pro Series Pro BCAA, is flavor number ten for Gold Standard 100% Casein.

The taste is a 2lb only mint chocolate chip, officially taking Optimum’s menu up into double digits. While introductory offers on new products, or exclusives for that matter, are always greatly appreciated, have got something kind of in between.

Instead of discount or a buy one get whatever deal, when you purchase the largest size of Optimum’s Gold Standard 100% Whey, you will get a 2lb tub of 100% Casein free. The supplement’s new flavor mint chocolate chip is of course on the list for you to choose from, leaving those interested to decide between stocking up or paying full price.

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