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Cellucor expand on their range at Costco, 4lb cinnamon swirl Cor Whey for just $39.99

Cellucor Cor Performance Whey available at Costco for $39.99

With a lot of big name brands now available at Costco, such as Muscle Pharm and Cytosport. It’s no surprise they’ve been expanding on their relationships with more supplements. On our recent visit to Costco we caught Cellucor doing just that, seeing the brand with more than just their two pack C4 Extreme for $39.99 on the shelf. Beside their pre-workout box set we spotted a cinnamon swirl 4lb Cor-Performance Whey, packing two samples of C4 Extreme for an incredible $39.99. Based on the prices listed at PricePlow, it’s basically 20% off the usual cost if you’re happy to go with the one flavor. Whether or not Cor Whey at Costco for that price is something new, we figured it would be worth mentioning especially since we hadn’t seen it before. Compared to Muscle Pharm’s 5lb Combat, it’s not that big of a jump in value, but still one we feel Cellucor fans will be interested in.

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