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Stack3d @ the ’14 Olympia Expo, EVL confirm flavor matching makeover for BCAA Energy

EVLution confirm slight label change to their new BCAA Energy

EVLution Nutrition is the real underdog story. It may be hard to believe, but this time last year we were only just being introduced to the brand and their five supplements. At the 2013 event they were sitting at a small table with almost no major store selling their stuff. This year EVL is an unmissable brand that are everywhere, including the big dogs GNC and Their booth is also a step up, large enough in fact to hold it’s own standing parallel to Cellucor. On the shelves EVL have both their original and new products going from ENGN to BCAA Energy, with confirmation from the brand of a slight change coming to the latter. EVL have said that to help BCAA Energy stand out that little more, and let fans know what they’re in for in terms of flavor. BCAA Energy’s label will soon be themed to match each option’s taste. It will see the product look quite a bit different when sitting next to any of EVL’s others, but at the same time fit right in with other similarly shaped and colored caffeinated aminos.

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