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Gamma Labs move their flagship to eight, G Fuel spotted in green appple & mixed berry

Two new flavors confirmed for Gamma Labs G Fuel

Gamma Labs have confirmed the coming of two new tastes to their fan favorite energizing formula G Fuel. The news has come in an image of eight different colored bottles of the product, promoting the ability to choose from a menu of eight different flavors. At the moment Gamma’s signature supplement is available in six tastes, fruit punch, blue ice, lemon lime, pink lemonade, watermelon and peach mango. All of which are on both G Fuel’s 40 serving tub and 20 stick pack box menus. The two new options taking the product to eight haven’t been named although based on the fraction of their bottles that can be seen, it looks like we’re in for green apple and mixed berry. With just the G Fuel tubs spotted in flavor number seven and eight, the possibility of them coming in stick packs isn’t certain, but likely seeing as the other six do.

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