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Stack3d @ the ’14 Olympia Expo, GAT promoting Carbotein at Olympia booth

GAT confirm Carbotein in Olympia poster

Despite their booth being populated with more pictures of supplements on shelves, than actual supplements on shelves. German American Technologies have got something new for this year’s Olympia. While the product is not pictured or placed anywhere at the brand’s booth, it is advertised right next to Muscle Martini and Supertein. The name of the product is Carbotein, a title seeing GAT once again make use of their favorite word play. Unfortunately the name is all we have to go off, with it’s subtitle describing it as a ‘high-intensity performance fuel’. As mentioned GAT do not have Carbotein pictured anywhere or on display, with the four word description being the only thing we have with it’s name.

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