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Half year old HyperMax updated, Performax earn respect with prompt reformulation

Performax Labs update their half year old pre-workout HyperMax

Performax Labs have made a rather big and definitely interesting announcement. Their pre-workout supplement HyperMax, which was only introduced this year has been reformulated. With some companies out there still sitting on one or two year old formulas. It earns a brand a lot of respect when they see something wrong or lacking in their product and they address it immediately. Performax’s move really only puts them in the same boat as one other brand, that being Chaos and Pain as they’ve made quick edits to more than three of theirs in less than a year. As for the changes Performax have made to HyperMax, it’s 1.5g creatine complex has been completely removed. The 585mg stimulant blend has been dropped 5mg without any change to it’s contents, and to help introduce a bit more of a pump, the brand have added 100mg of norvaline and a gram of micronized glycerol monostearate. Performax do obviously have some of their original formula still available, which as it runs out we expect the brand to let us know when they phase in the updated HyperMax.

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