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Metabolic pre-workout now available, ESP valued at less than 33 cents a serving

Metabolic Nutrition's new pre-workout ESP valued at less than $30

While we will make sure to stop by Metabolic Nutrition’s booth this weekend at the Olympia Expo to grab a sample of their new pre-workout ESP. Fans not attending the big event in Las Vegas can actually now purchase the supplement. The brand’s first pre-workout effort has shown up in a number of locations, all appearing with a price of around $30. For a product as interesting as Metabolic’s ESP, it is in fact quite the deal. Each bottle of the supplement packs 90 servings, or as addicts may want it worded, 30 maximum servings. Basically you’re looking at a dollar a workout if you want to be taken to the limit, or as little as 33 cents if you’re happy with the entry level single scoop. Places now stocking the latest from Metabolic include Tiger Fitness who have ESP at $30.99, or Supplement Central and Natural Body who have it a buck cheaper at $29.95 and $29.99.

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