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Stack3d @ the ’14 Olympia Expo, Metabolic’s half gram caffeine pre-workout makes the show

Metabolic's 500mg of caffeine pre-workout ESP

Like a lot of other supplement companies here today, Metabolic Nutrition have got a product they only just released on display. It was just a few weeks ago that we got a glimpse of the pre-workout ESP, then a complete view of what’s in the supplement with it’s launch. This week the product has started showing up in stores, so it only makes sense Metabolic have it on shelves at their Olympia booth. While we didn’t pick up a tub of ESP on our first visit, we may very well head back to Metabolic as they were promoting something easily missed when looking at the pre-workout’s label. The highlight is that Metabolic’s ESP has 500mg of caffeine, the first supplement to ever do half a gram of the classic ingredient. Before everyone jumps in to argue the extreme dose of the feature, we too feel over 400 to 450mg of straight caffeine is a bit much. We are however willing to give anything a go, but will definitely try the introductory dose and build to the maximum for ESP.