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100% whey isolate Moore Protein revealed, Moore Muscle doing something they never said they would

Moore Muscle set to enter the protein market with Moore Protein

Moore Muscle who have already introduced plenty of new supplements for the year with the likes of Moore Joint, Moore Growth and a reformulated Moore Ripped. The brand are now looking to move into the big leagues with their first ever protein powder Moore Protein. Moore Muscle have previewed the product that according to them they said they would never make, confirming it’s contents and flavors. Per 30g serving the 100% whey isolate features 27g of protein, 1g of carbohydrates, 1g of fat, zero sugar and 120 calories. For the menu the brand have put together two traditional tastes, rich chocolate and creamy vanilla, both due to be available in the supplement’s one size, a 30 serving sub 2lb tub. Like with all of Moore Muscle’s releases from the year, we are short on launch details, however if past performances are anything to go by Moore Protein could be here within a month or two.

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