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Fight muscular dystrophy with Moore Muscle, Moore Protein now available direct for $45

Moore Muscle supporting muscular dystrophy with Moore Protein sales

Moore Muscle as promised have this week launched their new protein powder and fifth supplement for the year Moore Protein. The product was previously detailed confirming all it’s contents, with it’s availability bringing both it’s price as well as a little something else. The cost of the latest from Moore is $45 for both 30 servings flavors, rich chocolate and creamy vanilla. As for the little something else, the brand are actually doing something quite special in support of the fight against muscular dystrophy. Moore have announced that from every tub of Moore Protein sold 100% of the money will go towards the cause. At $45 a tub it’s not the most expensive protein we’ve seen, and being a 100% whey isolate formula, it’s not that bad at all. If you’re interested in supporting the brand’s effort as well as get yourself some protein, head on over to Moore’s website.

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