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Big things going down at booth #1301, Muscletech tease historical announcement for Olympia

Muscletech making a historical announcement Saturday at the Olympia

While vague announcements are not something we pay too much attention to, when they come from a notable brand or one that has done major things in the past we tend to follow along. Muscletech have done just that, saying that they have something big for the Olympia Expo. The brand are going to be set up at booth #1301 right by the entrance, with already a lot planned for the event. On top of the big announcement Muscletech will have their three minute push up, chin up and dip challenge as well as free supplements and swag. In total to hand out the brand have 18,000 Amino Build, Platinum Beef, Hydroxycut Elite, Hydroxycut SX-7, Cell-Tech and NaNO Vapor samples, 4,000 Muscletech and SX-7 tees, shakers, totes, duffel bags, and full size bottles of Platinum Whey, Platinum Casein, Hydroxycut SX-7, Amino Build, #Shatter and Phase8. While all the freebies are exciting, Muscletech have got our attention on their apparently historical announcement, going down live at 11AM on Saturday.

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