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NOW reveal four supplements for September, Plant Complex listing four protein forms

NOW Foods new supplement releases for the month of September

Like every other month NOW Foods are back at it again bringing more new supplements for September. Today we have four products to introduce, starting with another variant of one of the brand’s most well known lines, Effer-C. The latest addition to NOW’s vitamin C line is a fifth flavored 30 pack box in cranberry, which like a lot of the others lists it’s title feature as an ingredient. Next we have an entirely new individual Magnesium Bisglycinate, packing 90 250mg serving of it’s named ingredient in an unflavored powder. The third supplement is a liquid variant of NOW’s vitamin E formula Sun-E, with a 4oz 94 200 IU serving spin off, utilizing the same trademarked non-GMO sunflower oil sourced vitamin E. Last but not least we have yet another entirely new product Plant Protein Complex, a creamy vanilla protein powder made up of yellow pea isolate, sprouted brown rice concentrate, hemp and quinoa protein. All four supplements have been released, which should put them on shelves at your local NOW retailer if not now, then very soon.

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