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Alpha3 put together just for GNC, Nutrex Black Series triple anabolic revealed

Nutrex's new Alpha3 confirmed as a GNC exclusive

While Nutrex did seem like they were done for a bit after more than a spree of new supplements, the brand have actually been spotted with another one. Following the build up and release of Uplift, Adipodex, Hibern8 and numerous other relabeled, renamed and reformulated products, comes a preview of Nutrex’s Alpha3. As per it’s title and tagline, the supplement is a triple anabolic stack designed to deliver three effects, more testosterone, muscle growth and increased libido. The trio have all been wrapped in a four capsule serving, of which Alpha3 fits in 30 per bottle. Being that we’ve only got a bad quality image to go off, it’s not surprise that we don’t have a facts panel confirming the ingredients Nutrex are relying on. We do however know where Alpha3 is going to show up first, as the 30 day product is in fact an exclusive put together just for GNC.

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