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Separated Post Jyms now available, Stoppani’s divided post-workout works out to be cheaper

Jim Stoppani releases his two separate Post Jyms

While it may not have arrived as early as hoped. Jim Stoppani’s post-workout powerhouse Post Jym has hit it’s exclusive retailer in it’s separate tubs. The supplement we actually rate as the best post-workout formula on the market, really only had one thing wrong with it when it was reviewed. The major issue for us was exactly what Stoppani has fixed, the packaging. We of course didn’t mark it down, but the packets were a mess thrown in to a box that had very little dividing the two types. A quick sorting out obviously fixed the actives and dextrose mix up, a problem future Post Jym purchasers will no longer have. do now stock the product’s Active Ingredients in a 30 serving tub for the same old price of just under $35, and flavored Dextrose in a matching 30 serving for $14.99. Compared to the original box set the divided Post Jyms actually work out to be a better option. Not just for those who on occasions used the dextrose sachets, but the value based on a combined 20 serving total is marginally cheaper.