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Purus Labs first to market with TeaCrine, Theatrim contents confirmed with Supplement Central launch

Purus Labs launch first TeaCrine supplement Theatrim at Supplement Central

Purus Labs have officially released their new fat burning supplement Theatrim, making the brand the first to put a TeaCrine formula on shelves. The Purus product originally surfaced just over a week or so ago, promising an experience like no other without revealing any of it’s ingredients outside of the new TeaCrine. Of course now that Theatrim has made it’s way out we do actually know what else the brand have put in the supplement to help make it memorable. In total Purus have squeezed in eight semi-transparent features starting with 250mcg of B12, 125mg SAMe (s-adenosylmethionine), 125mg citrus bioflavonoid complex, 80mg white willow, 500mcg rauwolfia (std. 90% rauwolscine), and the main attraction, a 278mg blend of dicaffeine malate, TeaCrine (nature identical theacrine) and caffeine. The place to go to get Purus latest and the first TeaCrine formula is one the few to always get in first Supplement Central. The store are currently stocking the product at $29.95 for a 60 capsule, working out to be about 30 servings as two capsules is the maximum.

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