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Quest on another quest at the Olympia Expo, up close with the Allstrike and Quest Training

Quest Training on show at the Olympia Expo with the Allstrike

We said we would keep bringing posts that we didn’t manage to get up over the Olympia Expo weekend, and for that today we have something from Quest. While the popular protein bar brand did have a stand selling all their usual things, as well as a booth for Quest Apparel, there was a third set up from Quest called Quest Training. We had heard of this before, but hadn’t really taken a close enough look. Like Apparel, Training is another spin off for Quest seeing them head into the direction of training equipment with their ultimate striking tool the Allstrike. Essentially it is a soft, durable and realistic looking head that a training partner or trainer can put on their hand, and you just go at it. Quest describe it as a realistic striking surface, that also encourages mixing things up and improvisation. Quest have set up a website for their new Training venture, where you can also see the thing in action as well as hear the brand promise more innovations for the future.

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