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Pharmafreak show off super-size, Ripped Freak Protein now in 4.53kg option

Ripped Freak Protein now in a 4.53kgs bag

This year’s Olympia Expo may be over, but we do still have plenty of information that we’re going to release over the next couple of days. Near the end of the event we unfortunately ran out of time to post news live, so to keep it going right now we’ve got PharmaFreak’s Olympia Expo appearance. On display a bit separate from their other supplements at the show, was a super size Ripped Freak Protein bag. The volume officially weighs in at 4.53kgs, basically double that of the product’s current and only 5lb option. Some fans may be wondering what exactly is Ripped Freak Protein, as it’s not a supplement you’ll see in every PharmaFreak stockist, due to it mainly being an international product. Your next question will probably be, does that mean a larger Protein Freak is on the way? Which to that we don’t quite know, as it was just the 4.53kg Ripped Freak Protein we saw.

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