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4+ Nutrition’s loneliest supplement ISO Soy+ getting a second flavor

4+ Nutrition launching a second flavor for ISO Soy+

Our favorite Italian supplement company 4+ Nutrition have announced a brand new flavor for their 100% premium soy protein powder ISO Soy+. Currently the one of many 4+ Nutrition proteins has the smallest amount of options in the brand’s line, with just the one taste in chocolate, and one size in 900g. The new addition to the product isn’t unfortunately going to increase it’s range of tubs to match basically every other one of 4+’s proteins, but will double it’s total number of tastes. Being that the only flavor fans have to choose from at the moment is the classic chocolate, it only makes sense the Italian company throw on another classic option with vanilla. Nothing appears to be changing in the formula for the taste, although 4+ have given us quite the surprise in naming an exact date for vanilla ISO Soy’s arrival. The brand are saying the new variant is going to be released next Tuesday, putting it in stockists soon after.

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