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Get 10% off all three of Dymatize’s latest when purchased as a stack

Dymatize Nutrition fans who have been overrun with new supplements in the past few months will be happy to hear about a deal have put together. Recently Dymatize released M.P.ACT the pre-workout, M.P.S the post-workout and Amino Pro the multi window formula. Separately MPACT and MPS cost a little under $30 each, with Amino Pro priced roughly $10 cheaper. The popular online retailer have now combined the three for the complete Dymatize Performance Driven stack saving you 10% on the whole set. You do get the choice of flavor for the two more complex formulas MPACT and MPS, the Amino Pro included however is the caffeinated edition so it is just fruit punch for that one. All up the collection has been valued at $69.99, which is most definitely a deal especially if you already had your eyes on the Dymatize trilogy.

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