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EVLution to give their first indefinite exclusive supplement

EVL tease the coming of another supplement exclusive to

EVLution Nutrition the brand we can now say has been in the market for more than a year, have something even more special than their color changing ENGN on the way. The upcoming product will be EVL’s ninth supplement, and believe it or not is going to be exclusive to The product we have yet to get a name for, just a bottle confirming that it is a capsule supplement, isn’t going to be like all the others that are exclusive for a set period of time. EVL’s coming release has been built just for the online store, and is intended to be exclusive indefinitely. Without details on what the product actually is, we don’t quite know what we’re in for, although it will be interesting to see if it’s something other locations are going to want in on. For example if it’s another fat burner, not so much. But if it’s something like a multi-vitamin or muscle builder it’s likely going to draw in a lot of EVL fans. Similar to previous build ups by the brand we are going to get more information as we near the mystery items launch, which is expected to go down in around 45 days time.

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