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Reformulated EVL ENGN now available in the UK and Europe through

EVL's ENGN now available in the UK and Europe through

If you thought EVLution Nutrition had come a long way in the last or so since their debut at the 2013 Olympia Expo, the brand do have plenty more in the tank. After crawling their way into almost every major location here in the US, EVL are now stepping outside the country. The brand have furthered their relationship with, creating an alternate version of our top 10 pre-workout ENGN to allow for distribution through the online store in Europe. EVL have basically kept everything the same except for the one change with agmatine sulfate and Huperzine A replaced by hawthorne berry, grape skin and grape seed extract. Much like the small edit to the formula, the brand have also made a slight change to the menu for the reformulated ENGN keeping on fruit punch, orange dream, watermelon and blue raz. Leaving out the color changing green apple and exclusive grape blast. For those who have been waiting to get a hold of the pre-workout outside US it seems now you have your chance, with the altered ENGN already in stock as well as EVL’s most recent release CLA1000.

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