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First Fitmiss Essential Series supplement almost identical to Muscle Pharm’s BCAA

First Fitmiss Essential Series supplement almost identical to Muscle Pharm's BCAA

It was about two months now that we first caught site of Muscle Pharm’s Fitmiss Essential Series, with four supplements showing up in a promotional image. Since then and even at the time of the picture’s release, nothing was really mentioned about the seemingly basic products. We’ve now got a nice up close look at one of the four formulas, the both men’s and women’s essential BCAA. While we have got absolutely nothing on the other three, Fitmiss Energy, 5-HTP and Glutamine, BCAA’s contents does give us a good idea on just how straightforward the others may be. Muscle Pharm’s female based brand have packed the flavored formula with all you’d expect in a supplement called BCAA, a 3g dose of the athlete company’s signature 3:1:2 BCAAs. As simple as it all seems, the product is in fact identical to that of Muscle Pharm’s Core Series BCAA, at essentially half the dose with the same amount of servings. The major issue there is that you’re not likely going to be paying half the price for the Fitmiss version. We will of course have to wait for the supplement’s launch to get confirmation on it’s cost, but it does seem like we’re in for just a more expensive Muscle Pharm replica.

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