Eight flavor GAT Nitraflex variety box makes it outside of Bodybuilding.com

GAT's eight flavor Nitraflex variety box makes it outside BB.com

When German American Technologies Nitraflex variety box was unveiled, it went straight on sale at Bodybuilding.com leading us to believe that they would be the only ones with it for a while. As it turns out roughly one week later, a few other locations have shown up with the sample collection. Even though it was already a rather cost effective option valued at $11.99 from BB.com, seeing a price difference of just less than fifty cents a serving. One of the new stockists has done a little better. Netrition who do tend to keep up pretty well with recently released variants, have got the Nitraflex variety box a whole two bucks cheaper at $9.99. While it isn’t exactly a huge drop, it’s at least good to know that GAT fans do have options now with the eight flavor set available outside BB.com, some even saving you a bit.

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