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Muscle Pharm going all natural and organic with new Nature Sport supplement series

Muscle Pharm unveil their natural organic range of supplements Nature Sport

News of this one has come thanks to the help of PricePlow uncovering an image of an upcoming line from Muscle Pharm. What we have from the athlete’s company is a series or spin off brand called Nature Sport, a natural organic selection of supplements. At the moment we can only see the one plant based protein simply titled Protein pictured, confirming a rather small tub size and naturally colored label theme. There is also word of what could be two more products as Muscle Pharm have registered two similar trademarks, Nature Sport Fat Burner and Nature Sport Bone & Joint. Being that these are only trademarks, they’re not in any way official like the Protein pictured, especially since the athlete’s company have registered and abandoned marks in the past that never got used. If of course Muscle Pharm do go a head making Nature Sport a three supplement range, we’re definitely going to be expecting a few more. As unique as an all natural line would be, pending on of course what each product contains, Nature Sport Protein, Fat Burner and Joint & Bone are on odd three to be mixing. There is no news of when we will be seeing Muscle Pharm’s series that almost seems like it stemmed from Coco Protein, we will however try and get a little more information straight from the brand.

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