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Flavor number 5 for Muscle Sport’s Cardio Burn exclusive to Natural Body

Flavor number 5 for Muscle Sport's Cardio Burn exclusive to Natural Body

To round out the day we have some news coming straight from the recently rebranded company Muscle Sport International. The brand more commonly known as MSI, have unveiled a new flavor for their flavored thermogenic formula Cardio Burn Revolution. At the moment the product’s menu consists of four options, the classics fruit punch, citrus blast and raspberry ice, as well as the rarely seen and always delicious kiwi strawberry. The latest addition to the MSI supplement is another rather unique taste with candy apple, making it five for Cardio Burn. While most of the brand’s stockists do have the original four flavors, they aren’t all going to have five. There is in fact just the one place you can get candy apple Cardio Burn, as it is exclusive to Natural Body Inc. The store have already got the variant online and in stock, going for it’s regular price of $44.99.

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