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New Nutrex Muscle Infusion flavors confirmed and launched with buy 2 get 1 free sale

New Nutrex Muscle Infusion flavors confirmed and launch with buy 2 get 1 free sale

Earlier this week Nutrex started teasing the coming of two new flavors for their one and only protein powder Muscle Infusion. The two were expected to be joining the supplement’s pre-rebranded menu of chocolate, vanilla and cookies & cream. While Nutrex had yet to say anything or even drop any hints about the flavors, rumor was the two were going to be chocolate peanut butter and banana or chocolate banana. It turns out those rumors were pretty much dead on with the two new Muscle Infusion tastes being chocolate peanut butter crunch and chocolate banana crunch. Despite being off by the word crunch, as expected the flavors are both extremely fitting for Nutrex’s previously cliché menu. As per usual fans aren’t going to need to wait for the Muscle Infusions to hit their local stockist as the brand have now added them to their website. Also in true Nutrex fashion they’ve been launched with a buy two get one free deal on both the 2 and 5lb tubs, dropping their prices all the way down to $26.63 and $49.96.

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