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Nutristat’s 100 calorie protein powder Puretein not short on anything

Nutristat the company we last talked about when they detailed their new amino formula Amino Fusion, have today confirmed their entry in a much more popular market. The name of what is the brand’s fifth supplement is Puretein, an extremely clean high quality protein. Before we get into it’s nutrition facts, Nutristat have done a little more than put in a solid dose of protein and keep the calories low on this one. Puretein is in fact a 100% grassfed formula free of lactose, GMO, gluten, and BGH and BST hormones. The numbers making up the product’s label are just as impressive as it’s highlights with 25g of native whey protein isolate, depending on flavor 1 to 2g of carbohydrates (0 – 1g sugar, 0 – 1g fiber), zero fat, and a very impressive calorie count going from 100 to 104. Without digging into any catalogs, that protein to calorie ratio has to be one of the best we’ve seen, putting the 100 calorie cookies ‘n’ cream variant right on par with Muscletech’s unflavored ISO Zero. As you can imagine Puretein’s other ingredients section is just as clean as the rest of it, listing no additional amino acids. Based on what Nutristat are saying, their protein powder is due to hit retailers very soon and will be coming in a total of four flavors, chocolate fudge, vanilla sundae, white chocolate supreme and the 100 calorie cookies ‘n’ cream.

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