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Oh Yeah Nutrition’s new Low Carb Bar exclusive to Prometeus

Oh Yeah's new Low Carb Bar exclusive to their distributor Prometeus

Oh Yeah Nutrition, a brand originally most known for their proteins bars, have gone back to what initially made them so popular. The latest from Oh Yeah is the new Low Carb Bar, which as it’s titled, is a low carbohydrate protein bar. The healthy snack highlights a total of 22g of protein and an impressive 1g of sugar, with it’s other numbers being 24g of carbohydrates (9g fiber, 9g sugar alcohol), 8g of fat (5g saturated), and a trim 210 calories. The new Oh Yeah Low Carb Bar comes in a total of just two flavors, with peanut butter pie and chocolate chip cookie dough. Unlike any of the brand’s other supplements there is a bit of a catch to this one. While the product is most definitely something any Oh Yeah fan would appreciate, featuring 4g less protein but 150 less calories. The Low Carb Bar is actually only available to those located in the UK and Europe. For now the brand have given worldwide exclusivity to their distributor Prometeus, ruling out possible availability in the US. Whether or not that means we’re never going to see the third Oh Yeah bar or even a variant is uncertain, either way it is now in stock at Prometeus and expected to hit stores in the next week or two.

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