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High Volume legacy to be carried on by PES with Insider release just two weeks away

PES ready to enter the pump pre-workout market with High Volume

PEScience have not only unveiled the first supplement to use their new logo, but also their first entry into the pump pre-workout category. The name of the product is High Volume, one you might remember from the brand Athletix. As it turns out PES purchased that very brand so that they could make use of the popular supplement and it’s title, and carry on it’s legacy. Like the original, the all new High Volume is due to be led by a high dose of citrulline, one PES are claiming will make it the highest citrulline dosed formula in it’s category. If it’s anything like Athletix version we could be looking at around 5g or more, although that isn’t of course all that’s gonna be in there. Without revealing the product’s entire list of contents we do know 1g of agmatine sulfate is also on the label, as well as HydroMax glycerol monostearate, and a good dose of an unknown nitrate ingredient. From here fans will have to hold on to their seats for about another two weeks, when PES will unveil High Volume’s complete formula and put it on sale in an exclusive Insider release.

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