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Red Pro Supps Cardillo Weightbelt released for $30 more than their original

Pro Supps release their red Cardillo weightbelt for $30 more

Pro Supps were one of the first few supplement companies to get custom Cardillo weightbelts put together, and actually have them for sale on their website. Their original piece came in the straightforward black with the brand’s logo big and bright across the back, along with the line ‘results… period!’ below. Pro Supps have now got another lot of Cardillo weightbelts done, although this time they’ve switched around the colors. Instead of the belt being black, the brand have now done a red variant featuring the same logo and line just in slightly different colors. Pro Supps have got it produced in the same range of sizes going from extra small all the way up to extra large. If you are interested in adding the new red Cardillo to your PS Swag collection, there is a slight catch. Instead of the $119 you might have paid for the original, Pro Supps have upped the price for their new release listing it for $30 more at $149.

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