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Limited edition gold Phil Heath SmartShake currently available only through giveaway

SmartShake put together a limited edition gold shaker for Phil Heath

While SmartShake did only just recently makeover their Signature Series shakers, seeing Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler, Adela Garcia and Phil Heath’s bottles all get new designs. The innovative company have in fact put together a little something extra for their now four time Mr. Olympia. To celebrate the Gift Phil Heath’s taking of the 2014 title, Smartshake have produced a limited edition gold colored shaker with the champ’s autograph on the capsule compartment, and the deserving words ‘4X Mr. Olympia Phil Heath’ on the bottle. The brand haven’t said anything about whether or not the special SmartShake is going to go on sale anywhere, nor has it been uploaded to their own website. The only way you can actually get this one at the moment is through a giveaway on the brand’s Facebook page. All they’re asking you to do to get in the draw is tag a friend in a comment, and wait for the winner announcement. We can’t imagine SmartShake not having these available outside a giveaway, but for now it is the only way.

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