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UPS pre-workout as Crazy as it’s title

Review of UPS new pre-workout supplement Crazy

Crazy is Ultimate Performance Supplement’s latest and greatest, a product designed to dominate the pre-workout category. Being that the brand are mostly located in Australia, their competition obviously isn’t as fierce as it would be here in the US. Regardless of where the supplement calls home, we were fortunate enough to get a full size tub of Crazy direct from UPS. Over the past month we have been putting that tub to the test and actually seeing how it compares to the international range of pre-workouts we’ve experienced. The product is a DMBA formula, so it may not be around for much longer. However if countries do decide to start banning 1,3 dimethylbutylamine, we can tell you right now that Crazy is one of the supplements you’ll want to stock up on.

Before we dive into the performance of UPS Crazy, looking at the product’s formula we did know what kind of pre-workout we were in for. The supplement doesn’t exactly feature your usual blend of scoop filling ingredients, essentially relying on just stimulants. Outside of caffeine, methyl-synephrine and DMBA all we have left is two forms of arginine, a gram of CarnoSyn beta-alanine and vanadium sulfate. While it is pretty clear what UPS have focused the formula around, once you’ve experienced the power of Crazy you probably won’t care too much about the thin list of contents.

The pre-workout kicks in pretty damn quick. Usually we have the 10 to 15 minute period, from when the product is thrown back to the first sign of it working. Crazy manages to cut that time in half, kicking in as early as five minutes after drinking the supplement. It’s from there that the ride begins and you are almost taken back to the days of DMAA. It kind of all starts with a very sudden increase in energy gearing you up to go non-stop, and alertness that gets you in the zone. You’ll find your head starts to drift into the mindset of a machine, with the product’s energy giving you the fuel to feel and get ready to perform like one. There isn’t much of a build up with Crazy, as once it gets going it doesn’t really climax or peak at any point, remaining extremely consistent right throughout it’s existence. You won’t notice it’s effects too well when trying to move or lift a little more, it is going from set to set where the supplement truly shines.

With most top pre-workouts packing an increase in intensity, a product will quickly revitalize the body and have your muscles performing like the set you just did, never happened. On top of that some formulas also feature a strong hit of energy, that amplifies that shortened down time. The combination of effects not only gets your muscles ready for another round in half your usual rest time, but it ensures you hit your follow up set with the confidence and drive to do more. In the case of Crazy, the supplement does as mentioned increase your intensity, shortening the rest time needed between sets. The major difference however is that the product tends to do it in a slightly unbalanced way. The pre-workout has it’s energy do the majority of the work, resulting in your body feeling a lot less attached to the effort. Basically instead of the experience we were describing where the power to perform is restored quite quickly, along with more energy to hammer it home. The energy in Crazy is so intense, it is the overwhelming high and stimulation of your mind and body that has you not being able to sit down and needing to keep going and going.

Earlier we did mention that Crazy’s energy is relatively impressive, with a bit of focus in there helping get your head on straight. The downside to having those two at such powerful amounts, and take effect so quick seems to be that they go the other way just as fast. For us it was in the area of 30 to 40 minutes that the crazy state Crazy puts you in begins to wear off. Unfortunately it only takes about five to ten minutes for it then to completely die down, which means if you’re more of a 60 minute man, you are going to be left quite unfulfilled for your final quarter. Even if you do get your workout done in time, the drop from 100 to 0 can cause a bit of a crash. It has been some time since we’ve actually experienced one, and it doesn’t always happen, but if you do want to get crazy you will likely finish feeling rather down or sitting in a corner.

Overall the performance of the UPS supplement is really quite surprising and true to it’s name. Coming from all the way down in Australia, it’s good to know something as powerful as Crazy can be both sold and produced in the country. The pre-workout definitely puts itself up there with the best in the category, delivering a short lived high that despite not allowing much time for a natural or self driven effort. Packs one helluva a ride that you will need to strap in for, as it’ll be dragging you through your workout at full speed. The downside of course to the non-stop experience, is that you could be in for a bit of crash. For some it may be too much, although for others the good could outweigh the bad making Crazy well worth the downer. The pre-workout isn’t for everyone missing out on pump, a more centered focus and always appreciated performance component. Although even without all that UPS Crazy is a competitive concoction, and a great example of how powerful a DMBA formula can be.

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