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Australia’s UPS tesing three reformulated or entirely new supplements

Despite only just being introduced to Ultimate Performance Solutions in the beginning of the year, at Australia’s FileX Expo in Melbourne. The brand from down under have definitely been one of the more exciting ones to follow this year. UPS have managed to get out a few new flavors, the pre-workout Crazy which will have it’s review posted later today, and plenty of details on upcoming formulas. The latter is something we have more on today, with confirmation of three new or reformulated supplements in the works. UPS have previewed a trio of beta bottles labeled with their categories naming a mass gainer, creatine and what sounds like a fat burner going by the name burn caps. Being three major product categories it’s no surprise that the brand are already in all of them with Pro-Form, Ultimate Creatine and Thermo8or. It’s because of those three that we are left wondering whether or not the teased supplements are reformulations or entirely new products. Time as per usual will tell, which could be as short as a month and a half, the time it took for UPS Crazy to go from beta bottle to shelves.

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