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Kre-Alkalyn updated to match All American EFX’s upcoming Freak Maker Shock

Kre-Alkalyn updated to match All American EFX's upcoming Freak Maker Shock

Sometimes it is the small things that matter, which All American EFX have proven with a bit of a label change to their signature formula Kre-Alkalyn EFX. Currently the supplement is available in a clear bottle packed with purple capsules, and a purple label to match. The brand have said that fans will still be treated to the same uncolored bottle, purple lid and bright capsules. The label however is going to change with the introduction of a blue themed design. In the preview image All American EFX have released, not only is it the background color that’s been changed. But also the brand’s logo which promotes them as EFX Sports with, ‘All American’ in the smallest of print on top of the ‘E’ and ‘F’. The color shift may come as a surprise to some fans, although is expected after seeing Freak Maker Shock unveiled yesterday featuring a similar kind of same design. We can only assume once the old Kre-Alkalyn stock is out the new will slowly take over, with of course no change to the product’s formula.

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