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Animal Pak’s Juiced Aminos not as juiced as we had hoped

Animal Pak's Juiced Aminos not as juiced as we had hoped

Every now and then we come across a supplement that is a little difficult to review. Most of the time it’s due to it’s category, as some products have effects that go beyond anything you can really feel and give a solid description of. What we’re talking about today is when a formula doesn’t turn out as well as you expected. The iconic Animal Pak’s latest Juiced Aminos is that supplement for us, that we were kind of hoping was going to be something relatively impressive. After getting a trial size tub of the product, providing us with 10 orange juiced servings, we were able to give it a good go during a handful of workouts. Coming from Animal we had no reason to expect anything short of amazing, unfortunately we did wind up somewhat disappointed.

When it comes to Animal Pak, you know whatever they put together it’s going to be good. Their iconic collection of supplements is made up of some of the best in the business with the likes of Animal Rage and Rage XL, the powerful joint support formula Animal Flex, and of course the original multi-vitamin pack Animal Pak. Juiced Aminos officially joined the line a month or so ago, and while it was the first new product from the brand for quite some time. It was also kind of their first two category formula. The supplement says it all in it’s name promising a solid pump in combination with a BCAA led 6g amino blend. Based on that you know what you’re getting into in terms of aminos, as everyone will have the dose and ratio they prefer. The pump side of the product is what we wanted to check out and see if it does indeed deliver the popular effect, or anything else for that matter.

As we said in the beginning, it is sometimes difficult to review a supplement that doesn’t meet your expectations as you’re almost left with just nothing to say. Seeing as Juiced Aminos was from Animal and the formula didn’t look that bad, we were hoping for something along the same lines as Muscle Elements AmiNO Flow, or at least a solid pump showing. It turns out the product does pack a bit of a punch in terms of pump, it isn’t however anything worth getting excited about. Given that our pump standards have been raised over the past few months with the onslaught of top quality pump pre-workouts being released. Juiced Amino’s light-hearted fullness isn’t exactly as impressive as it may have been this time last year. You will get that expansion and swole sensation in your muscles. Although it’s not really enough to make you want to drop your dedicated pump formula or notice any sort of impact when stacked with one. The brand do promote a few other effects for the supplement such as endurance and hydration, two things that can easily, and almost every time for us go unnoticed. If there is in fact anything in that department that Juiced Aminos helps out on, we’d have to say it’d only be in the smallest of amounts.

Keep in mind we are in no way doubting the power of aminos or BCAAs, as mentioned earlier everybody generally has their own individual dose and reaction when it comes to that. We’re purely talking about what else the product has to offer, which we originally expected to be quite a bit. Regardless of how little Juiced Aminos comes through on the juiced part of it’s name, there is one more memorable thing with the supplement. While it may not perform as well as our favorite pump amino, Animal nailed the flavor we got our hands on, orange juiced. Taste is a big part of most aminos and you will not be let down when throwing this one back. Animal have taken the sweetness of a sugary citrus cocktail and combined it with an aftertaste, that has you believing you just finished a fresh orange slice. We can’t of course speak for Juiced Amino’s other option grape juiced, but if it’s even half as good as the orange effort you won’t be disappointed.

All in all the latest from Animal isn’t that bad. We expected to be a creative combination of amino acids and pump, and despite how we may have made it seem. Juiced Aminos does deliver on it’s promised effects. The hydration and endurance aren’t things you’re likely to notice when using the product, however those are always difficult to gauge anyway, especially during a workout. The supplement’s main downside is of course that it has some fierce competition out there. That is essentially the only reason we don’t feel Juiced Aminos is that impressive, as there are now so many powerful dedicated pump products available, not to mention the many complex amino cocktails. We do know the brand were trying to kill two birds with one stone in Juiced Aminos, although even looking at it that way we feel they missed the mark. The supplement industry is an extremely competitive world, which is why even though Animal have put together at the end of the day, an effective formula. In this day and age you have to over-deliver to just be in contention, and go above and beyond to compete.

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