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ANS Performance’s first area exclusive Diablo PM now making it’s way out

ANS Performance's first area exclusive Diablo PM now making it's way out

If you are lucky enough to be in the area it appears that the latest from ANS Performance has started making it’s way out. No we’re not talking about the brand’s upcoming Ritual flavor, it is the nighttime Diablo spin off that has become available, the appropriately titled Diablo PM. For those that missed our post on the first ANS area exclusive supplement, it is only going to be available in Australia and New Zealand. Which does unfortunately mean ingredients wise, it is limited to the restrictions of those two countries. Basically the product’s formula is split right down the middle, packing three ingredients for sleep and relaxation, and another three for stimulant free weight loss. As for it’s menu, ANS have put together just the one 30 serving option using a similar flavor to that of Dilate, with grape dream. In terms of price without getting into exchange rates, fans are expected to pay roughly the same as they would for a tub of the regular Diablo. Be sure to check out your local ANS stockist for availability, although keep in mind Diablo PM has only just been released and may take time to reach everyone.

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