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More products and flavors coming from ANS with Ritual’s 5th due next week

More products and flavors coming from ANS with Ritual's 5th due next week

Yesterday we posted about ANS Performance’s new area exclusive nighttime fat burner, Diablo PM. Following on from that the brand have confirmed a few things that are a little more interesting than the weight loss spin off. Word is ANS have a unknown amount of new flavors on the way. While initially we weren’t told what supplements those flavors were going to, ANS announced yesterday that at least one belongs to their unforgettable pre-workout Ritual. Being one of the best product launchers in the business you know they’re not yet ready to reveal the name of the variant. As exciting as that is seeing the science based Ritual heading towards five flavors, ANS have also confirmed the coming of two entirely new supplements. We do know that at some point an amino was in the works, which could very be one of those two. The brand haven’t given any kind of indication as to when either product will arrive. Although fans really should have their eyes set on next week, when ANS are set to unveil the new Ritual flavor.

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