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Green Tea TX100 Body Science’s answer to Tribeca’s increasingly popular Green Tea X50

Green Tea TX100 Body Science's answer to Tribeca's increasingly popular Green Tea X50

It’s not uncommon for a single supplement to create a bit of noise, whether it be from a new or old brand, or for a popular or aged category. Sometimes the attention will force competitors to put together something similar in order to compete or get left behind. We believe this is the case down in Australia, as over the past few months Tribeca’s Green Tea X50 has taken the country by storm. The brand have made a big splash with the 20 cups of green tea formula, currently being stocked by almost every retailer down under. With plans to continue to expand on both distribution and their now two product range. They say imitation is the best form of flattery and it seems Body Science (BSc), another brand from the area, is looking to get in on the green tea action. BSc have unveiled a supplement they’ve called Green Tea TX100, claiming to be equivalent to 100 cups of green tea as well as using the same naming convention as X50 with the added letter. More information is expected to be released as the brand get ready to launch Green Tea TX100. But you do have to wonder whether or not it’s too late for BSc, especially since Tribeca’s X50 has already built itself such a strong following.

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