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C4 Sport described as Cellucor’s combination of electrolytes and stimulants

C4 Sport described as Cellucor's combination of electrolytes and stimulants

A fan has sent in an on shelf photograph of a brand new Cellucor supplement called C4 Sport. For those that follow the company quite closely this is one of the trademarks that was registered earlier in the year, alongside a few other C4 spin offs. Whether or not the other two C4X and C4 Elite are also going to happen we’ll have to wait and see, although C4 Sport as you can see is very real. The sender didn’t manage to get an image of the product’s contents, giving just a short description to go with the picture saying that it’s basically an electrolyte formula with a few stimulants. Of course that doesn’t really confirm too much, but does give you an idea on the direction Cellucor have gone with C4 Sport. Based on the image the only flavor we can confirm for now is fruit punch, with 30 servings per 280g tub. The supplement is expected to be hitting all locations, although at the moment doesn’t appear to be at any of the major ones without even a coming soon sign.

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