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Chaos and Pain’s first Pwnd Gamerz supplement Aggro hits Get Supps

Chaos and Pain's first Pwnd Gamerz supplement Aggro hits Get Supps

Following Chaos and Pain’s weekend launch of their first Pwnd Gamerz Series supplement, as well as our giveaway of the product, comes the first Aggro stockist. The coordination and focus formula initially went on sale direct from the brand’s website in just one of it’s four promised flavors, pink mist (strawberry). While we still don’t have any word on the arrival of the other three, bloodied ogre (cherry limeade), hulk juice (green apple) and massacred seafruit (watermelon). Pink mist Aggro can now be purchased outside of Chaos and Pain’s official store at Get Supps. The retailer is one of the first to show up with the Pwnd Gamerz Aggro, valued quite a bit less than the brand’s price on the supplement at $31.99. No doubt plenty of others will start showing up with the product later this week or even today, but it is Get Supps who are first to the line.

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