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Snickerdoodle to take Core’s meal replacement MRP menu to a total of 5

Snickerdoodle to take Core's meal replacement MRP menu to a total of 5

Very few companies have a dedicated meal replacement supplement these days, some have even discontinued established products. Core Nutritionals are one of those few who have a meal replacement, with their all in one formula MRP. At the moment the supplement is available in a total of four flavors with the usuals rich chocolate, banana cream and classic vanilla, and the fourth being a much more uncommon taste in peanut butter oatmeal cookie. Despite the lack of attention from most brands for the category, Core have confirmed the coming of a new addition to the MRP family. Joining the product’s both traditional and unique menu is another rather rare recipe in snickerdoodle. The flavor that has since the start of this year become slightly more common is set to take Core’s MRP menu up to a total of five sometime before Christmas, with a promise of mid December.

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