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Nitrosigine & HydroMax confirmed for Muscletech’s upcoming pre-workout Anarchy

Nitrosigine & HydroMax confirmed for Muscletech's upcoming pre-workout Anarchy

We originally got wind of a new pre-workout coming from Muscletech a month or so ago, right around the time pump pre-workouts started hitting the market from every direction. Over the last week that very supplement has been popping up in a number of places, including the price comparison engine PricePlow. The official name of the upcoming product is Anarchy, a formula being promoted as a max potency pre-workout confirming two of it’s ingredients, HydroMax and Nitrosigine. Without a look at it’s actual facts panel it’s a bit too early to draw conclusions, although Anarchy is claiming to offer more than just pumps, also highlighting extreme energy, focus and power. The trick here is that Muscletech are one of the major companies out there, and if we are in for similar to what other big brands have given us this year, you have to wonder about what else is going to be making up Anarchy. In total the supplement’s tub does weigh in at 309g, which if we’re looking at 30 servings has us at 10.3g each. That does leave plenty of room to play around and match the likes of SuperPump 3.0’s 1.5g of nitrosigine and ANS Dilate’s 2g of HydroMax. The remaining question is what else are we in for in that (predicted) left over 6.8 to possibly as low as 2g. We do have our fingers crossed for something competitive and hopefully available in the next month to close out a big year for Muscletech.

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