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Latest from Mutant clearly their best shaker ever

Mutant have put together a brand new shaker, that they claim to be ‘clearly’ their best shaker cup yet. Fans of the brand may not recognize too much of a difference, as compared to their last supplement accessory the only thing that’s really changed is it’s colors. The bottle still comes in at 28oz, featuring the same lid style and cup design. Even the logo graphic Mutant have on the shaker is the same, just printed in yellow and coupled with the brand’s familiar phrase ‘leaving humanity behind’. As mentioned it is essentially only the colors that are different, going with a maroon lid and yellow cap instead of the other way around, and a clear bottle. It is because of that clear bottle that Mutant are saying the new release is ‘clearly our best shaker ever’, taking advantage of the world play opportunity. For now the new Mutant essential is only available from the brand’s Canadian store, for the small price of $9.99 (CAD).

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