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One gram of Con-Cret creatine confirmed for Nutrex’s upcoming pre-workout Outrage

One gram of Con-Cret creatine confirmed for Nutrex's upcoming pre-workout Outrage

We’ve finally managed to get a better look at the supplement we know Nutrex have on the way, the pre-workout the Hemo Rage Shot replacement was named after. The product we’re talking about is, of course, Outrage, a very fitting title going with the brand’s aforementioned Outrage Extreme Energy Shot, and Nutrex’s recently released pre-workout Outlift.

When we first laid eyes on the supplement after the energy shot was launched, we knew straight away that Outrage was going to be taking the rather legendary Hemo Rage’s place. All we initially had to go off was a tub weight of 195g, working out to be 6.5g per serving if the product packs the usual 30 servings. While we still have yet to get a look at the pre-workout’s facts panel, letting us know how similar Outrage is to Nutrex’s much loved Hemo Rage. We can tell you that what ever the weight of the formula’s serving turns out to be, 1g of it is going to be Con-Cret creatine HCl.

Unfortunately, the confirmation of the ingredient and it’s dose doesn’t say too much about the rest of Outrage, although it does give us two interesting points. Firstly, the pre-workout is going to be different as Hemo Rage currently features Creapure creatine monohydrate, and secondly. Seeing as Nutrex have stated the dose of Con-Cret, Outrage may very well end up being just as transparent as it’s house competitor Outlift.

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