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Optimum’s Gold Standard Pre-Workout launched for just under $1 a serving

Optimum's Gold Standard Pre-Workout launched for just under $1 a serving

It was just a few weeks ago that we got a sneak peek at Optimum Nutrition’s new pre-workout, Gold Standard Pre-Workout, then a more complete breakdown with the release of it’s official facts panel. The brand have now actually launched the product, with one store currently listing it as in stock and available for purchase. The place that from what we can see is the only one with Gold Standard Pre-Workout at the moment, is none other than the new supplement specialists Nutraplanet. The store have uploaded the product in it’s regular 30 serving size in a total of four flavors with fruit punch, blueberry lemonade, green apple and watermelon, leaving out one of the previewed options, pineapple. The big question of course is how much is the latest from Optimum going to cost you, and the answer is a rather competitive $25.88. While the price may vary from store to store, it would be difficult to say if others will drift too far from that one. Being a two scoop maximum formula, Gold Standard Pre-Workout will give you a total of 15 workouts at that maximum amount, putting the supplement’s value at about $1.73 a workout.

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